Customer Comments in 2020

  • Super service and an incredible amount of information delivered in wonderful, majestic locations! We visited Nemi after Castel Gandolfo, simply BEAUTIFUL Roman towns and our guide Luca, who was raised in Nemi, made us feel right at home. We shared red wine and strawberries with people in the village and looked down towards where Caligula launched his legendary pleasure boats. Lots of WW2 history nearby too, "Anzio Annie" lived here. Absolutely great experience!
    Tilly Davidson
  • Absolutely top class private tours with Eternal in Rome. They really pushed the boat out with an exceptional gold standard excursion to Pompeii and Herculaneum followed next day with Red Carpet Sistine Chapel. Do not miss this once in a lifetime experience! Our Vatican guide Elena was a walking library, so much so that we called her Miss Chelangelo! We'll return to Italy later this year and book the Raphael Renaissance Rome tour, we loved his Room of Constantine!
    Olivia Beaumont
  • We booked a pair of private day trips from Rome, the first was to Ostia Antica, the second up to Orvieto, a town we already knew from a previous holiday in Rome. We walked underground for several hundred metres descending and ascending at different points and enjoyed a great wine tasting. Ostia was inspiring, a beautiful, quiet and quite remote ruined city near Rome. Super guides on both days, Francesca and Damiano, both from Rome, both Roman archaeologists.
    Paul Stiller
    Palo Alto
  • Thirteen Obelisks of Rome and the Egyptian Museums - We only missed the Obelisk of Axum which stood between the United Nations FAO building and Circus Maximus until 2002. We were told that it was struck by a bolt of lightning! Everything you need to see in Rome is visited from a very unusual perspective, the obelisks! We had a really fantastic time of learning in Rome and have already proposed future trips and educational tours with Eternal Tours Rome.
    Student Group
  • Half Day Mythical Lakes of Ancient Rome with Wine and Porchetta Lunch - We enjoyed amazing views of the Tyrrhenian Sea from the summit of Mons Cavo, a green mountain which seems to hide Roman and pagan temples on it's wooded slopes. It definitely felt like that and everyone remarked about it. We crossed a historical viaduct with origins dating back to the 2nd. century BC which survived Allied bombings in Spring 1944. Our students were inspired by this experience!
    Student Group


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