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 Your driver will pick you up from your hotel or other accommodation in central Rome. By 10am you'll be outside the city walls and approaching the ancient Byzantine-Greek monastery (1004) of San Nilo that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. But we don't enter this world just yet, instead, our first steps go underground.

 The morning catacombs tour is quite unique; no other catacombs in the Rome area are so well preserved and many of the tombs are still sealed. In addition, access is strictly controlled, ergo no big groups.

 Attendant solitude and personal space make these catacombs a peaceful place. Only the chosen can see the richly coloured frescoes and particularly beautiful epigraphy found here. It's a fascinating, fulfilling way to begin the day.

 After the underground, your driver will take you to the top of the Roman Castles region for bird's-eye views of the mythological lands that lie all around.

 Down the Rome wine road we go, criss-crossing antique vineyards whereupon sumptuous villas have stood for two centuries and more, a world away from the tumult of Rome.

 Soon thereafter, we arrive at a historical family-owned winery that has been working since 1720.

 The estate is secluded, protected from prying eyes by boundary walls. Explore this former convent and grounds (in season) with the family vinter.

 Wander with him amongst hand-tended vines, then see the pressing and production side, where Roman grapes become Roman wine.

 Upon conclusion of a professional tasting comprising four signature wines, we pair the family's extra virgin olive oils with toasted breads. By now, you will already know which wines and oils best suit your palate. You'll be able to purchase them from the family by the bottle or the case.

 You may upgrade the tastings to include lunch with four dishes that express tradition and season. Contact us to request this opportunity.

 After the tastings, we return to the Byzantine-Greek monastery for a fully guided two hour tour. Sections of the outer structure resemble a fortress, complete with gatehouse, towers and ramparts.

 Known as the Exarchic Greek Monastery of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata, it is the last surviving Byzantine monastery from the Middle Ages.

 Founded fifty years before the East-West Schism that led to the churches of Rome and Constantinople going their separate ways, the monastery has since retained communion with the Bishop of Rome and maintained Byzantine-Greek connections. The order is unique in that it is Roman Catholic, but continues to observe Greek Orthodox rites.

 Your guide will take you around the merloned battlements and retell tales of the semi-circular fortress tower (1482), built by Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere to defend the place of worship.

 The plan of this Roverian Castle was possibly assigned to Antonio da Sangallo and Baccio Pontelli, but works were halted when the cardinal became Pope Julius II in 1503. The original entrance featured a drawbridge with bas-relief carvings that can still be seen today.

 After the vineyard and at day's end, enjoy more spectacular views of Rome from terraced vantage points, before we wind our way down to the Eternal City with fine wines and fabulous memories!




 Rated 4.8 / 5 by Steve H on March 28th, 2024  Wow what a busy day. Never expected to visit so many diverse places on a day tour but it was all expertly planned and with hindsight, we were delighted to have booked this!

 Rated 4.9 / 5 by Dagmara P on May 29th, 2023  Super Sunday! Great driver Marco and his Mercedes took us all around in between the tours of the abbey and the catacombs, then to the old vineyard which is family owned since the early 18th. century. Wonderful walks and wines there.


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