Down the years, many people have remarked upon the impressive scope of our private artist tours. We made the decision to be thorough, to cover as much ground as possible.

 There are dozens of small group artist tours out there that claim to be private, even "exclusive", so on and so forth. They finish before they have actually started and cannot, must not be taken seriously.

 Who has the right to deliver a Caravaggio tour that runs for a measly two hours? No one. Yes, do come to Rome. Don't skim the surface of such remarkable art and sculpture. You deserve better. We consider our artist tours to be an investment in education and inspiration.

 On an older website version of Eternal Tours Rome, we offered several tours of churches in Rome, namely "Historic Churches of Rome", a walking tour to twelve churches; "Papal Basilicas of Rome" (four patriarchal basilicas), and "Secret Chapels of Rome".

 We gravitated towards revising Secret Chapels and arrived at Hidden Churches of Rome, once known as "Sacrament and Sanctuary". Now, as then, it's one of our favourite tours. It took many months to research and reveals much about early Christian Rome.

 Colosseum Domes Climb is our antidote for the chaos called St. Peter's Dome Climb. You'll be with 500 other people if you book a guided tour there (we don't, our St. Peter's Dome Climb is self-guided).

 "Rome with a View" is another pioneering tour from our past. It showed visitors that there are many places in Rome where one can experience remarkable views relatively undisturbed. Colosseum Domes Climb is an evolution of that tour, for new views of ancient Rome known only to a few.

 Our first private tours appeared on an early website called Etruscan Tours Rome, two years before Eternal Tours Rome existed. All of this was many moons ago, but we are happy to be able to document some of our long history here. Most, if not all of what we have done in the past has been collated and developed.