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 † Lviv tours in Ukraine

 The history of Lviv is rather different than that of Rome, and we're immensely proud to be developing Lviv tourism in wartime.

 The future of In Lviv Tours depends on the aftermath of the war we are all fighting against putin's russia. When peace settles upon Ukraine and lives return to normal, our guides will be veterans from Lviv or who lived in Lviv prior to 520am, Thursday 24/02/22.

 The concept is simple: rehabilitate the men and women who defended Ukraine. Friends of ours left home to fight without any military experience, so we must provide strong support when they return. Some will never return.

 † Ancient Rome resource


 † Our private Rome tours website in 2008

 Many moons ago, the Eternal Tours Rome website was .net and even today we can't explain why!

 We brought the domain back to the fold a few years ago to develop a meaningful blog, as we have many articles in need of a permanent home. This is work in progress and will likely always be so.

 The stories behind our Pompeii guided tours, day trips from Rome, private tours in Rome and everything else relating to Eternal Tours Rome will eventually reside on .net. Expect the good, the bizarre, and the beggars belief (naturally, there's quite a few of those).

 † Tales of the Unexpected

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