At time of writing, June 2023, we have reached the point of highest ever demand for Vatican Museums tickets. The same can be said of Colosseum tickets, too. We're not sure where all this is going, the bottom line being that our most popular venues simply do not have unlimited capacity.

 It is worth noting that the official Colosseum and Vatican Museums websites now offer many tours and activities. Most of these take place outside Rome and are of less than zero interest to travellers. They know that availability for their main venues is flatlining so they continually explore new avenues. Thus far, they have delivered dead ends.

 For this reason, we ask that booking requests for Vatican Treasure Hunt and Vatican Museums & Castle of Angels reach us at least a week before travel date. Last minute Vatican Museums tickets we cannot do.

 St. Peter's Basilica is open to the public from 7am every day excluding Wednesdays and holidays. The burning issue is waiting times that can quite easily scupper ones schedule for the day. If you just turn up at the basilica in late morning or after lunch, you may get caught up in crowds with no shade and no options.

 St. Peter's Dome at Dawn starts early at 8am with breakfast. Our exploration of the vast basilica with dome climb is always available at short notice.

 Timing matters at the Vatican. First and foremost, book with us well in advance. Request a timeslot that will avoid crowds, i.e. late afternoon. You may have noticed that most, if not all web photos of the Sistine Chapel and Gallery of Maps have been edited to hide people. If the originals had been uploaded, you'd be shocked to see how many tourists fill each scene.