As you may have read on our tours of the Vatican page, Colosseum tickets have become much sought after, indeed, some say they are a rare commodity. Is this true? Well, there is no doubt that things are not as they used to be, when it was possible to book blocks of tickets on the morning of any travel date.

 Four of our shared Rome tours enter the Colosseum without going underground. If you'd like to book one, please let us know well in advance, at least a couple of weeks before travel date. You may ask why the arena has become so popular? Very good question, it hasn't changed for quite some time!

 The Colosseum Underground area is still in very high demand, and we make our descent at dusk when big crowds have long gone. If you would like to reserve Colosseum † Machinery of Death, let us know at least one month before travel date.

 Travellers must wonder what became of the popular Belvedere top tiers, and so do we. They closed in 2019 and have not been seen since. Is it possible for several levels of the Colosseum to just disappear?

 Scrambling for positives, Russell Crowe inaugurated a sleek glass elevator in May. The result? No one gave a hoot and that's also disappeared, at least into anonymity. Our advice is stick to ground level!