There must be reasons why Tom Cruise chose this location over anywhere else for his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes. Magnificent scenery? A secret garden like no other? A 1,000 year history?

 Since then, this Jewel in the Crown of Renaissance Italy has hosted the Netflix TV series, "Medici". Dozens of movies have been filmed in and around the castle grounds, too, long before and soon after Tom Cruise landed, according to Bill and Ted, (their Excellent Adventure was hosted in 1988).

 If Mediaeval history in a picture postcard setting is of interest, there's no better place. On this private tour that includes direct rail connections from Vatican St. Peter's station, you'll make unexpected twists and turns to towers and turrets that turned heads in Hollywood. Wide open spaces once filled with chattering nobility now await your presence.

 Inside the best preserved castle in feudal Europe, you will be escorted through ornate rooms and grand halls that are normally excluded.

 Also included are The Secret Garden (Tom and Katie photoshoot) and apartments formerly occupied by Paolo Giordano Orsini and Isabella de' Medici.

 Isabella was the daughter of Cosimo I de' Medici, first Grand Duke of Tuscany.

 We invite you to roam the ramparts and catch the colours of Lake Bracciano, on this special day out for families with kids who dream of castles, princes and princesses!




 Rated 4.8 / 5 by Rachel W on July 19th, 2022  A lovely day! The castle interior reminded us of Warwick Castle in England - beautiful! We were treated like royalty the moment we walked past the gate keeper. We did not expect to be offered wine during the tour, but we were grateful! Leo, our guide, is related to the owners of the castle and we were honoured to be able to speak with him about his family history and that of the castle and his town by the lake where he grew up. The journey from Rome (Vatican) was quick and pleasant. Thank you for this experience!

  €379 OR LESS

 Send your booking request to WhatsApp +48 788 55 1101 or with travel date, how many travellers (must include ages if -18 years) and any special requests. We will send you an invoice (€50 deposit) to reserve your booking. Invoice for final balance will follow within seven days.