It is true that there are more than a few Rome to Pompeii excursions that visit the ruins, and most of them, including one of ours, are driven by speed. Fast train, fast transfers, no waiting. Anywhere.

 For some, this is ideal, even on holiday. For others, however, it defeats the object of relaxation. Why rush around on holiday? Slow tourism, like slow food, means taking your time, moment by moment.

 Leave Rome at your leisure near 7am and relax until your arrival in the port city of Naples by 10am. From there, your minibus will transfer you to the meeting point from where your Pompeii tour departs.

 Two hours exploring the ruins with an archaeologist will reveal a great deal about the story of Pompeii. How the Pompeiians lived, and how they died.

 Why is what we see today so compelling for travellers and of singular importance for archaeologists? Modern media portrays realities of the catastrophe for mass consumption, but does it embellish the truth?

 The destruction of Pompeii was violent in the extreme, without understatement. It is important, however, to glean the facts, and on this tour you will most certainly uncover a great many; in colourful frescoes, in sculpture, and in ancient graffiti.

 Make the short walk from the exit of Pompeii's archaeological area to your minibus, and relax on the return ride to Naples central station. You'll have time to head over to the neighbourhood where locals go for street food of every flavour (we'll tell you where, it's not far from the station), ahead of your return train back home to Rome.

 See Pompeii, eat in Naples, and relax in between times from and back to Rome on this, our first (the first ever?) Slow Tourism day trip from Rome!




 Rated 5 / 5 by Mark T, October 19th 2022  The train journeys were comfortable, we were able to sleep there and back. Pompeii tour with Mariana much better than the tours we had in Rome, not rushed around and the group was much smaller than the Coliseum. We also got transfers included from Naples to Pompeii which was wonderful as we were dreading having to catch any local connections. Actually that's the main reason we booked. We recommend this day trip very much, thank you to Pete at Eternal Tours for fixing our booking and everything we needed.

  €149 OR LESS

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