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 The finest architecture in Rome can be attributed to one man, Gianlorenzo Bernini. His sculptures grace many streets and squares in the capital and nearby too. Ariccia (the owner of Eternal Tours Rome lived there between 2004 - 2006) and Castelgandolfo to name two of several old Roman towns where the master builder left his mark.

 Baroque architecture in Rome brings three names to mind; Gianlorenzo Bernini, Francesco Borromini, and Pietro da Cortona. They were the protagonists of an ecclesiastical revolution that gained momentum near the end of the Counter-Reformation, working together during the reigns of patron popes Urban VIII, Innocent X and Alexander VII. Rivals too, who together helped shape "modern" Rome.

 Bernini, the founding father of what has come to be known as the Roman Baroque urbanist tradition, was the pre-eminent sculptor and architect of his time. He was granted many commissions, even when criticised. Pope Innocent X dismissed Bernini, his design for bell towers destined to decorate St. Peter's Basilica was singularly unpopular. They never saw the light of day.

 His phenomenal work on Scala Regia, Cathedra Petri and Baldachin restored his reputation. Bernini then spent four decades designing and sculpting in the Vatican City.

 We visit his former residence on Via della Mercede and approach the Spanish Steps to see Fountain of the Old Boat ("Barcaccia"). Look out for the sun and the bee!

 Santa Maria della Vittoria ("Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" sculpted from white marble), Palazzo Barberini (with Borromini, 1629 - 1633, following the death of Carlo Maderno), and Piazza Navona (Fountains of the Four Rivers and of the Moors) are visited.

 Sant'Andrea al Quirinale (1658 - 1670), Sant'Andrea delle Fratte ("Angel with the Crown of Thorns" and "Angel with the Titulus" - originally destined for Ponte Sant'Angelo but kept by Pope Clement IX), and Santa Maria sopra la Minerva ("Memorial to Maria Raggi", Elephant and Obelisk) are visited.

 St. Peter's Square (design, colonnades) and basilica (Baldachin, Cathedra Petri, Funerary Monument of Pope Alexander VII, "Saint Longinus") are visited.

 Piazza Barberini (Fountains of the Triton and of the Bees) and Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (sculpture of Philip IV), where Gianlorenzo Bernini was buried in 1680, are visited.

 To conclude, we enter the Borghese Gallery to study "Rape of Proserpina", "David", "Apollo and Daphne", "Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius", and "Allegory of Truth", as well as other sculptures by Bernini.

 This private Bernini tour covers the greater part of Baroque Rome. To experience more Roman Baroque, consider our full day Beauty of Baroque private tour.

 The legacy of Roman Baroque endures!




 Rated 4.9 / 5 by Yvonne L on March 6th, 2024  Great tour of Bernini's Rome for our student group. Thanks from all! Can we pre-book your Raphael tour for one more group coming to Rome in September? Similar numbers, 20 to 25 students and two tutors.

 Rated 5 / 5 by Steve B on May 9th, 2023  Diana was an excellent guide for us, a US family with two teenage daughters on a cruise ship and in Rome for two days. Having done the Coliseum and some underground sites (also booked with Eternal Tours Rome) on day one and then spending the evening in the historical center, we all decided to do more on day two and as nearly all the fountains and squares we visited had a connection with Bernini according to our guidebook, this tour made perfect sense. We visited the Vatican museums ourselves in the early morning then Diana met us beneath the obelisk on St. Peter's Square for the private Bernini tour. It was a long half day, but an incredible journey of Roman Baroque sculpture that ended in the Borghese gallery, and that is a beautiful place to be! Many thanks to Pete at Eternal Tours for arranging all of this! From Steve, Anne and family.


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