It is said that if one compares Rome with Florence (never do that), the Eternal City is rather thin on the ground, as it were, as regards climbing domes and bell towers. Perhaps it is for this very reason that climbing St. Peter's dome (Vatican City) has been the top attraction "in Rome" since 2018.

 St. Peter's dome climb has been reduced to a bucket list activity for the masses, meaning people who have the same "unique" idea and end up nose to nose with no space to move. In reality, Rome has no shortage of domes, indeed, our skyline is defined by domes, so what is there to see and do above terra firma?

 We've spent many years clambering and climbing around ancient Rome, observing the entire area from high above the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and even the lofty Palatine Hill. There are dozens of landmarks in Rome that deliver truly remarkable views, and they leave St. Peter's dome climbs in their wake.

 Colosseum Domes Climb reaches all the domes in ancient Rome by way of ancient pathways, hidden staircases, long forgotten terraces and labyrinthine passageways known only to locals. The highest point will be reached with your guide, an archaeologist and Roman historian of even higher repute.

 On this tour we catch all the highlights of ancient and historic Rome. We include entrance to the Capitoline and Venice Palace Museums after the climbing, after all, you will want to see what once stood in the places you've been looking down upon. Your expert guide will then connect everything you have seen outside with what the museums protect inside.

 Colosseum Domes Climb is the original "Rome with a View" tour that scales the heights of Roman history. Let's see Rome at dome level!




 Rated 5 / 5 by Christian D on June 7th, 2021  Such an amazing tour, especially for our kids! No end of places to climb and explore. We were taken to a purpose-built terrace that towers high over the Roman Forum and Colosseum, and then climbed to many other places with nice views. There were not many (or any) other people or groups doing what we were doing and we felt quite special. Our guide Ale took us around the main ancient Rome museum and then nearby to an almost empty but amazing museum that was once a Renaissance palace. Now it's full of sculptures that were all as beautiful for us as what we saw inside the Gallery Borghese. This tour covers so much ground and above ground too - great experience!

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