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 This is the original Egyptian Obelisks of Ancient Rome tour as created in 2008 by the owner of Eternal Tours Rome, when he lived between San Giovanni and Celio in the historical centre. The tour per se spans the rich history of ancient Rome and the wider Roman Empire. What we see today is actually the architectural vision of Pope Sixtus V.

 Point to point movement across the historical centre of Rome is our modus operandi, just as Pope Sixtus V's town planning initiative intended when he relocated the tallest obelisks in front of basilicas.

 These obelisks were christianized with new emblems and inscriptions in the mid- to late sixteenth century. The eight obelisks imported from Egypt are the oldest monuments in Rome, what can we learn from them?

 Every obelisk has a tale to tell and learning about each one is a great way to understand a great deal about the history of Rome. We visit all the classic places in our city, some on the main track, others off the beaten path. Historical squares, secluded gardens and monumental fountains help us interpret the past so we may understand the present.

 First entrance to the Vatican Museums is included, as the Gregorian Egyptian Museum can be found therein.

 However much we'd love to, we cannot include the Obelisk of Axum. It was damaged by lightning in 2002 and has since been returned to Tigray Region, north Ethiopia. You will, however, stand beneath thirteen ancient Roman and Egyptian obelisks.

 Egyptian Obelisks of Ancient Rome is led by a working archaeo-historian guide who will explain what all the hieroglyphics mean, while keeping you refreshed and well hydrated.

 This is a private invitation to experience ancient Rome from a decidedly unusual perspective!




 Rated 4.9 / 5 by Susan R on May 24th, 2022  Immense! A very long Rome tour, really full day that ended in the Vatican museums. We saw so much. Exactly what we wanted - thanks Pete for organizing this tour!

 Rated 4.7 / 5 by Marisia P on August 24th, 2021  It was an amazing experience, a complete tour of Rome on a very hot day. Everything was described by our guide Luciana from every era. We did stop to cool off beside a fountain or with a gelato on several occasions in the afternoon. After all the touring, we used the museum entrance tickets to cool off and the end of our day was spent in the Sistine Chapel - not Egyptian at all but we wanted to see it! Probably the best thing about our 10 days in Rome. The tours we booked with other agencies were not as interesting as this one.


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