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 Hidden Churches of Rome (formerly "Sacrament and Sanctuary") was created in 2010, our secret pathway through the bustle of Rome to another time and place.

 Interestingly, the churches we visit can be found in close proximity to tourist hotspots such as the Roman Forum and Colosseum, but only very few tourists seek them out. Lack of awareness? Probabaly, but let's not discount personal choice either. Tourists are often held back by not having enough time to see more than the most famous highlights.

 In 2010, Rome tour operators were not interested in developing experiences that did not include the main moneymaking attractions (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican Museums). Then, as now, we work differently. Offering tours that truly inspire has always been the Eternal Tours Rome way.

 Hidden Churches of Rome is one example of how important it is for us to show our clients the best of Rome ("best of Rome" is not, nor has ever been about shunting people between the Colosseum and Vatican via the Pantheon).

 You will visit seven churches nestled in the heart of historical Rome. Some still stand upon original bronze age foundations, others have helped us understand a great deal about mediaeval Rome.

 You will find yourself in three of Rome's oldest parks, namely Parco del Colle Oppio (Oppian Hill in antiquity, site of Emperor Nero's Domus Aurea and the ruins of Trajan's Baths), Parco del Celio (Caelian Hill), and Villa Celimontana.

 The churches you will enter are hidden in the sense that they are never frequented by large tourist groups - St. Peter in Chains apart (San Pietro in Vincoli houses "Moses" by Michelangelo).

 Of all Rome tours that lay claim to an itinerary unlike any other, Hidden Churches of Rome is one of the first, if not the first to ever do so and deliver.




 Rated 4.9 / 5 by John R on October 24th, 2023  Very satisfied with this tour that steered my wife and I well away from the busiest tourist spots. Angelo T was our guide, a born and bred Roman, art historian, wine bar co-owner (!) and just a wonderfully well-informed and interesting character. We visited half a dozen beautiful churches and in most of those we were the only people present. We had time to pray on several occasions and experienced the fulfillment we sought. Thank you so much for arranging this for us!

 Rated 5 / 5 by Christian D on June 7th, 2021  My important clients travelled from Chicago specifically for this tour and they were deeply impressed (I own a travel agency specializing in Rome, Italy destinations). Since then, we have added this tour and several others by Eternal Tours Rome to our highlight activities in Rome. One of very few tour operators in Rome that isn't lazy and just offers the same as everyone else. Many thanks to Peter for all he has done to get his brilliant tours out there!


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