Fully private tour of Michelangelo's life and works in Rome. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was a magnificent sculptor with a barely believable aversion to painting. He influenced the development of Western art like no other before or since his time, and his name today is synonymous with Mannerism and High Renaissance.

 We connect with his most famous creations in the city where he lived for some six decades. Our Michelangelo tour reveals the Renaissance man's influence in Rome in depth. We also visit the area where it is believed he lived, not far from the Roman Forum.

 Michelangelo arrived in Rome from Florence on June 25th, 1496 at the age of just 21 to sculpt "Bacchus" for Cardinal Raffaele Sansoni Galeoti Riario, a commission that was rejected outright. From his "Bacchus" (1497) and the Pietà (1499), we can date Michelangelo's first steps in Rome.

 We acknowledge his rightful place at the helm of the High Renaissance movement and learn why he elected to destroy some of his drawings and sculpture in old age. We reflect upon his commissions for the Medici family in Florence and deconstruct his jealousy of his rival, Raphael. How did the Laocoön Group influence Michelangelo and to what extent?

 Michelangelo's legacy continues to be defined by the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, construction of which was still in its infancy as his life approached death.

 From when the original drawings were circulated in 1547 to Michelangelo's curtain call in 1564, progress was slow, however, during the short reign of Pope Sixtus V, work gathered momentum. Assistants of Michelangelo completed the dome in 1590.

 Michelangelo's magnum opus was his Tomb of Pope Julius II. It became an affliction for over four decades of his long life. Many other commissions in Rome and Florence were delayed by its complex nature and the result was an unfinished, unsatisfactory sculpture.

 It was decided to move the tomb to San Pietro in Vincoli, instead of the Sistine Chapel or St. Peter's Basilica. His tomb is now known as "Michelangelo's Moses". Pope Julius II was buried in St. Peter's in 1513.

 Michelangelo captured the essence of humanity, he was able to immortalize his subjects on canvas and cut beauty into marble. His work was glorious and exudes an omnipotent air.

 We visit all the sites in Rome and the Vatican City that were touched by the magic of Michelangelo on this, our flagship private tour in Rome.




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