Our private Raphael tour has been around since 2009, one of the first Rome tours dedicated to his legacy. We traverse the historic centre in search of major works of art by Raphael, and there are a great many waiting to be found in our magnificent museums and galleries.

 Raphael was a prolific and highly proficient painter in youth. He honed his skills in Siena and Florence then moved to Rome, where he and Michelangelo became the fiercest of rivals.

 The Sistine Chapel interwove his life with that of Michelangelo and his mentor in youth, Perugino, both of whom he imitated to establish his inimitable style.

 Born into the Court of Urbino with all the trappings of plenitude, Raphael the imitator became the greatest High Renaissance master. A painter of unquestionable natural ability, his desire to learn was unquenchable.

 Ascribed status assured him access to the works and workshops of his contemporaries. Naturally, wealthy patrons were never out of reach.

 Having learned from his painter and courtier father Giovanni Santi, then becoming a master in the court aged 17 years, Raphael spent a period of time in Siena with Pinturicchio, Città di Castello with Signorelli, and then Florence, where he was inspired by Leonardo and Fra Bartolomeo before moving to Rome.

 Donato Bramante, a distant relative, prompted Pope Julius II to help the young rising star settle in Rome, where he lived until his death. Raphael's works in the Vatican, which continued under Medici Pope Leo X after the death of Julius II in 1513, are his most well known commissions.

 As Prefect of Antiquities under Leo X, Raphael sought to save the archaeological heritage of Rome, but died before he was able to do so.

 Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, Urbino being the name of the town where he was born (280km from Rome, region of Marche), expired from pulmonary disease (or perhaps syphilis) on April 6th, 1520. Raphael was just 37 years of age. He is buried in the Pantheon.

 As well as walking through the magnificent Raphael Rooms (Vatican Museums), we enter the galleries of Borghese and Doria Pamphilj, Villa Farnesina, Palazzo Barberini, the churches of Santa Maria della Pace and Sant'Ignazio, and the Chigi Chapel (Church of Santa Maria del Popolo), to conclude our appreciation of the greatest artist to have graced Rome.




 Rated 5 / 5 by Martin S on March 14th, 2019  We were a group of two families on this full day tour, booked because it included all the galleries we wanted to see. The photos caught my eye first, then having read some background, a Raphel tour in Rome became something we had to do. I have never seen so many incredible paintings in such a short space of time, and our guide for the day was called Raffaello too which was great! Villa Farnesina was my personal favourite and not only because of Raphael - it's just a magical place. Actually the way the tour was designed was pretty magical overall. Thank you!

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