Fully private guided tour and self-guided entrance to the Colosseum that explores the fascinating stories of Rome's remarkable arches. Embark upon a journey of adventure into the long distant past with an expert archaeologist on our second ever private tour, created back in 2008.

 Triumphal arches in Rome are testament to the power and glory of the Roman Empire, so let's set the time machine to 1st century BC and go back to the reign of Caesar Augustus. Several were built over honorific arches, erected during the Roman Republic.

 Only some arches have survived the ravages of time. Most collapsed a long time ago. Those that remain are important for historians and archaeologists seeking to shed new light on life in antiquity.

 Monumental arches celebrated military victories, but many were used to push political agendas. Important events were recorded by way of friezes, carvings, and in sculpture.

 Three of some forty arches that were erected in late Republican and early Imperial Rome still stand inside the Roman Forum archaeological area.

 We dwell upon the ancient information they reveal and perhaps conceal. We learn about the arches of Titus and Septimius Severus, the foundations of the arches of Gaius, Lucius, Augustus and Tiberius, and we reach back in time to the age of the Servian wall, built in the second quarter of the fourth century BC. Two Servian arches are explored.

 One Roman arch was erected in 1603, historic rather than ancient and particularly beautiful, therefore we include it on our journey.

 After the tour, the route of which meanders around the greater part of lesser-known ancient Rome, your priority arena ticket will carry you in to the Colosseum without waiting.




 Rated 4.7 / 5 by Rob F on April 11th, 2020  Antonio is an archaeologist and expert on ancient Roman things. He took us on a quiet and very interesting route that was devoid of tourists. The arches were splendid of course and overall the tour delivered alot of Roman military history. It was very pleasant weather on the day and Antonio was spectacular company, he really knows so much. We can highly recommend this tour for everyone!

  €299 OR LESS

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