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 See the Colosseum from the same perspective as gladiators - minus the tigers! Combat level views today deliver the reality of life in ancient Rome as victor or victim, circa 80 AD. It must have been truly terrifying to have had to defend oneself against wild animals and savage opponents in front of 70,000 baying spectators.

 You will be well placed to look down on the chambers, tunnels and passageways where men and beasts were readied to tear into those who had been selected to die. Understand how combatants were hoisted up to ground level and see from where they emerged.

 Make your entrance at the quiet side of the Colosseum where waiting times are near zero. "Gladiator Gate" is the classic entrance as used in antiquity, not the overcrowded modern entrance made for tourists.

 Once you are inside the amphitheatre, the arena floor is all yours. Take your time to appreciate where you are, then climb up to the first and second levels for impressive bird's-eye views of ancient Rome.


 Since 2022 (post-pandemic), Colosseum group tours have increased tenfold. They last for an hour or two and stick to a strict, generic itinerary, taking up every last inch of public space from early morning to nigh on closing time.

 Of all tours in Rome, these are the de facto tourist traps, closely followed by small group Vatican tours (we don't offer those either).

 We very strongly advise against booking Colosseum tours that advertise as "small group". Visit the link at the top of this section (WHY NO GROUP TOUR?) and everything will become clear.

 While there is such a thing as a small group tour of the Colosseum, when there are fifty small groups touring at the same time in a confined space (the Colosseum is just 189m in length x 156m wide), it gets stressful for everyone.

 We offer self-guided, priority Colosseum Arena Floor entrance with audioguide commentary to alleviate stress and remove time restrictions. Keep in mind Colosseum opening and closing hours (9am to 7pm between April and September, closing earlier at 430pm, 530pm or 630pm in low season).

 Colosseum † Combat Level View is what you need, or we can arrange a private Colosseum tour for you on request.




 Rated 5 / 5 by Maria P on December 2nd, 2022  Straight up straight in no waiting. Our kids were so excited and they ended up doing handstands on the arena floor and playing pretend gladiators. Was just awesome!


   ADULT (18+): €79
 UNDER 18 YEARS: €19


 Pay a €25 deposit @eternaltoursrome to confirm your booking with us. Enter your full name, mobile number, travel date, how many travellers (with ages if under 18 years) and any other relevant details you would like us to know about. Payment request for final balance will follow by e-mail within 24 hours.