The Colosseum dungeons are now a VIP restricted access area due to unprecedented demand. It's been coming since before the pandemic and is now the most difficult tour to get in Rome. There are dozens of offers out there, but prices are either sky high or availability lower than low.

 This is a first entrance ticket and fully guided "under the stars" tour that delivers an unmissable Colosseum Underground experience.

 Let's begin at the beginning. The days of booking a standard "small group" walking tour of the Colosseum have long gone. Either DIY or go underground. There is no middle ground.

 The reality is that it takes just half an hour for any real person guide, audioguide, or some other type of guide to deliver satisfactory information about the most important areas of the arena, and that's that.

 It's common knowledge that the really interesting places are Colosseum Arena Floor and the Colosseum substructure (hypogeum), the latter being precisely where you will go on Machinery of Death. Share space with the souls of long dead gladiators!

 As you will already know, having read through our Colosseum † Combat Level View, we are way ahead of other Rome tour operators as regards how to explore and experience the Colosseum. This is the only guided Colosseum tour we offer and you need to take it.

 The bowels of the Colosseum will disorientate and disturb. Many travellers want to feel what they saw in the movie Gladiator for real, and on this subterranean safari through an actual underworld, we deliver.

 Walk where gladiators prepared to kill or be killed. Wander where wild animals were hoisted up to shred flesh. Female gladiators castrated excited dwarves, elephants crushed those in death throes, and mock sea battles were played out, as were hunting seasons. Body counts were huge and nothing was off limits.

 If you want your Colosseum experience to surpass all expectations, this is it.




 Rated 5 / 5 by Ginny M on May 6th, 2023  What a tour. 12 people with us and NO other groups anywhere to be seen inside the Colosseum. I don't know if we were just lucky but it seemed as though we had the entire Colosseum and underground to ourselves. A simply sensational tour! Eternal Tours Rome is a sleeping giant in Rome that's for sure and my new favourite partner for Colosseum tours as i'm a travel agent.

  €189 OR LESS

 Send your booking request to WhatsApp +48 788 55 1101 or with travel date, how many travellers (must include ages if -18 years) and any special requests. We will send you an invoice (€50 deposit) to reserve your booking. Invoice for final balance will follow within seven days.