A tale of two cities that combines a quest-guided tour of the Vatican Museums with a guide-led tour of the Castle of Angels in Rome.

 First entrance to the magnificent museums, and in high season that means first in line before up to 3k other people (important, in hot weather). Secondly, you'll be King of the Castle atop the old ramparts of Rome's most majestic monument!

 Inside the museums, our ™ Vatican Quest will be your shining light. Penned by a leading Vatican tour guide, you'll see things that no guided tour knows about! You'll be way ahead of everyone else and informed from the top at every turn. With no itinerary and no fixed agenda, let our ™ Vatican Quest lead you to the fairest gems in Vatican art and sculpture. You need to know where to look...

 Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of being inside the Sistine Chapel is the amount of tour guides and groups. Too many, all pointing upwards as one.

 Be different! The ™ Vatican Quest will prepare you in depth before you enter the chapel and upon leaving, you will have learned more than everyone else.

 Don't forget to spend time in front of the Laocoön Group and enter all the Raphael Rooms, before walking through the golden Gallery of Maps.

 After a break, make the short scenic walk to the formidable Fortress of Angels. Dominating the River Tiber where it comes closest to St. Peter's Square, the former Tomb of Emperors and embattled stronghold is the most impressive survivor of ancient Rome.

 You will tour before the sun sets, as spectral sights and unusual lights have been seen thereafter! With convenient first entrance, you'll be first in to tour this towering time machine.




 Rated 4.7 / 5 by Aaron E on May 25th, 2021  Good mix of ancient and medieval history. Great if you're staying downtown near the river and we loved the panoramic views! The quest was awesome!!

  €89 OR LESS

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