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 Tour groups in the Vatican Museums are invariably tied to a fixed route determined by the tour operator. Rip up the script! Instead, enter the museums without an overbearing tour guide and the attendant drama of a generic group tour. Escape the crowds and routine on our original Vatican Treasure Hunt!

 The key to opening up the really interesting places inside the Vatican Museums is to know what the very best Vatican tour guide knows, and to have freedom therein without the time limits that restrict guided Vatican tours. There is an important choice to make when deciding how to visit the Vatican Museums.

 This is where our Vatican Quest takes centre stage. It has been compiled by an exceptional cicerone, the de facto maestro on Vatican history who charges $150 per hour for private tours. Tricks of the eye, of light and of the mind conceal secret signs and messages in Vatican art and sculpture, and it will be your task to find them. Watch as masterpieces by luminaries such as Raphael, Titian and Giotto come to life, if you decide it.

 Ultimately, you will realize why the Sistine Chapel ceiling defines the unbreakable bond between man, Michelangelo, and God.

 We recommend at least four hours on our quest-guided Vatican Treasure Hunt, twice that of guide-led Vatican tours that convey a fraction of the facts we impart.

 As the museums are rather busy in the morning, we give you entrance later in the day when bucket list hunters have long since dispersed.




 Rated 4.8 / 5 by Toni K on August 23rd, 2023  This was fantastic! We were not rushed at all and had plenty to figure out. A unique and inexpensive exploration that challenged us and carried us deep into the cradle of amazing art history. Thanks guys!

 Rated 5 / 5 by Steph M on October 2nd, 2022  A very detailed treasure hunt that Eternal Tours refer to as The Vatican Quest. It pointed out mystical messages and explained the meaning of obscure symbols in the paintings and sculpture. At the very least it was really interesting for us and exactly what my colleague had originally signed up for on behalf of the school. It took us about 5 hours. Thanks to Pete at Eternal Tours for making this experience a most valuable one for our students (all of whom had a great time).


   ADULT (18+): €45
 UNDER 18 YEARS: €19


 Pay a €25 deposit @eternaltoursrome to confirm your booking with us. Enter your full name, mobile number, travel date, how many travellers (with ages if under 18 years) and any other relevant details you would like us to know about. Payment request for final balance will follow by e-mail within 24 hours.