Rome's Pompeii, the ancient port city lost to time, while not buried by a volcanic eruption, still holds many secrets. What is visible today already dwarfs Pompeiian ruins at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius, despite the fact that over two-thirds of the site are yet to be excavated.

 While Pompeii is better known for destruction (and Netflix, Hollywood etc.), it suffers greatly from acute overtourism. Here, you can explore better preserved ruins without having to share space with other people.

 The archaeological park is just a stone's throw from Rome, and even closer to the Tyrrhenian Sea if you'd like to keep exploring post-touring.

 In Rome, especially in summer, anywhere away from crowds is priceless. Anywhere by the sea more so.

 The story of Rome's Pompeii is rather obscure. Ostia Antica ("os" meaning mouth) was the primary seaport of Republican Rome with possible Etruscan origins. It became a naval base that defended the mouth of the Tiber in the 3rd century AD.

 The sea city was eventually abandoned in the 9th century. The harbour silted up, malaria took hold, and mass plundering followed. For centuries, Ostia Antica was largely forgotten.

 Fortunately, mud and sea silt has preserved many remarkable mosaics and frescoes. Most, if not all are monochromatic, commissioned by dock workers and merchants. In contrast to the colourful mosaics found in Pompeii and Herculaneum, these are more clearly defined and detail nears perfection.

 Visit Pompeii, but do spend half a day here too!




 Rated 5 / 5 by Chloe S on May 14th, 2015  We made the trip by train from Rome on the blue metro line and it took a bit over half an hour. Our carriage was covered with graffiti so we got a glimpse of urban tourism! An interesting ride. At the archaeological site we had our guide on our phone provided by Eternal Tours Rome, very in depth and useful and we spent almost all day there. As we were close to the sea we got the train in the other direction to visit the beaches which was a bonus before heading back to Rome. Very satisfied with the trip and we were surprised to see so few tourists on our travels.

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