The ultimate day trip from Rome to Pompeii with ultra-modern bullet train travel that will get you to Naples in about an hour.

  Comfortable minibus transfer to Pompeii from in front of Naples main railway station is the second leg of your journey, ahead of your fully guided tour with an archaeologist. All transport connections are scheduled to deliver comfort and convenience.

 It is said that by 2024, there'll be a direct bullet train service between Rome and the archaeological site of Pompeii. This being Italy, we're not expecting to make the trip until 2025 at best. In the meantime, day trips that carry travellers from Rome to Pompeii via Naples and back continue to be bucket listed.

 This VIP rail service sits atop our three Rome to Pompeii offerings, the other two being Express and Slow Tourism day trips from Rome for travellers who don't like to be rushed.

 Slow Tourism makes alot of sense. A holiday is a holiday and to slow down means everything. What better way to do it than relax on a train in a foreign land and watch the world go by (with a low carbon footprint).

 On arrival at Napoli Centrale station from Rome a little before 9am, take your time with a coffee and cornetto then make your way across the concourse to our minibus meeting point. It's easy to find, right in front of the most recognizable hotel in the area.

 From there, enjoy a ride through the old town all the way to Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius looming in and out of view en route. It's the same colossus today as when it erupted to devastate the entire region, and it will likely do so again in the not too distant future if local vulcanologists are to be believed.

 At Pompeii, meet your guide and enter the ruined city. Learn everything about the eruption and what became of the Pompeiians. What have we learned thus far and what is yet to be discovered?

 You will tour streets torn asunder by the violence of nature, enter buildings wherein vivid frescoes adorn walls that have not changed since Pompeii's last day, and feel at one with antiquity.

 Upon conclusion of the tour, climb aboard your minibus once again for the return ride to Napoli Centrale station and bullet train back to Rome.




 Rated 5 / 5 by Katia B on May 11th, 2023  Fantastic day to Pompeii! Fast and organized with a very good guide in Pompeii - Paolo. Grazie!

  €169 OR LESS

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